Enjoy the Laziz Delicacies at Delhi Hotel Restaurants

The food lover Delities have all for their guest from worldwide. Delhi Hotels famous for their unique style and hospitality, also gives you finger licking dishes, which you can never forget. All restaurants in Luxury Hotels of Delhi range from Southeast to Northeast Asian, Chinese, and multi cuisines.

The Imperial, New Delhi

Sam Gimignano: it means the city of beautiful towers, Italian specialty restaurant in Imperial offers a delectable blending the delicate flavors of ingredients that are procured locally and imported from Italy. It uses only balsamic vinegar, cheeses, pasta, risotto, and olive oils to bring the mouth watering taste of in their Italian cuisines.

Daniel’s Tavern: popular for mouth watering dishes such as Peshawari Kebab, Phaldari Kebab, Jheenga Chettinad, Khyber Murgh, Gosht-E-Awadh, Aishbagh Korma, Dhingri Dolma and the famous Dum ki Biryani, all taken out from the diaries of Daniel (who arrived in India to paint the unrivalled scenery and architecture of the country).

Bukhara: voted as the Best Indian Restaurants in the World and Best restaurant in Asia, and collected number of awards to its name, the restaurant offers you world best unforgettable food. Its boorish atmosphere and succulent Kababs wins your heart. Dal Bukhara, Burrah Kabab and Murgh Malai Kababs are the specialty.

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Delhi

Café: It is a 24-hour dining, with fabulous interiors including an open kitchen with rough surroundings of stonework. The open kitchen extends to the restaurants and the service team delivers you direct food from pan to plate.

La Piazza: it is an award winning restaurants serving you with the oven-fresh pizzas, al dente pastas, and fine wines giving you a glimpse of Italian grottos or sidewalk restaurants.

Aagan: a traditional food court with a wide selection of kebabs and vegetarian dishes leaves you with memorable taste lifelong.

Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas For Married Couples

Money should never be in the way of true love and if taking a vacation is part of strengthening marital bonds between you and your spouse then so be it: there are many ways to enjoy a splendid vacation with your loved one without denting your pockets too much.

Be a WWOOF Volunteer

But they’re mostly called “wwoofers”. WWOOF is short for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and the organization offers interested volunteers an opportunity to enjoy a unique but incredibly fulfilling outdoor experience while exercising their commitment to organic living.

At most, you’ll only have to worry about the fares for reaching your organization-provided location and, of course, pocket money. But once you get there, everything else will be taken care of in exchange for approximately four hours of daily work. The kind of work you’ll be expected to do will vary, but it will certainly have to do something with organic living. Food and boarding will be provided by the farm where you’re staying. After the requisite work hours, you and your spouse are free to explore the countryside.

It may be a different vacation from what you’ve envisioned, but if both of you have a genuine love for outdoors and organic living then there’s nothing to complain about. The work is something you could even fully embrace and may also serve as an opportunity for both of you to know more of each other.

Train Tours

Instead of paying separately for your fare and accommodation, your pass will be all-inclusive since you’ll be sleeping in the very place that will take you to your destination. Trains may be a throwback to the old days, but it can still be a very luxurious and pleasing mode of travel. Trains allow you to travel at just the right speed: fast enough that it won’t feel like you’ve taken forever just to reach your destination but slow enough for you to appreciate the scenery outside your windows.

If you have a love for history and antique arts and designs then you’ll no doubt appreciate the often Victorian or Regency interior of trains. Train tours can be utterly decadent as you simply lounge around in your coach or enjoy the sumptuous banquets and dance parties often prepared for this type of vacation. But if you’re in the mood for some excitement, there are also murder mystery tours which you can book. You and your spouse – along with other guests – will have to determine the identity of the “murderer” before one of you becomes his next victim!

Home Exchange Programs

Swapping homes has become increasingly popular as more and more people realize that it’s not as unsafe as it seems. It just depends on which home exchange program you’re using. For starters, you should thoroughly review the program you’d like to join. Read on testimonials from its members and reviews from trustworthy websites.

Once you’ve chosen which program to join, the next thing you should do is to concentrate on selling not just your home but the experience that goes with it. Post the best shots of your home as well as a vivid and entertaining description of the kind of life they can expect while in your hometown or neighborhood. If you’re living in New York then talk about how great it is to live in a city that never sleeps. If you live in a rural town of Colorado, talk about how pleasing it is to wake up to spectacular scenery and the scent of mountains wafting inside your cabin.

Make sure you also clearly illustrate what kind of exchange you’re after. Are you interested in living in a particular country or experiencing a particular lifestyle? There have been cases in which owners of a modern-day mansion have swapped with owners of a rustic cottage in the country. It’s all about finding the ideal match, really, and not how much one and the other costs.

Attend a Music Festival

RV camping is nice, but it can be dangerous and/or boring if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. Why not settle for the next best thing by attending a music festival? Most parks serve as venue for several of them each year and if you buy an all-weekend pass for the festival, you could enjoy a discount on campsite rates. By attending music festivals, you get to enjoy peace of mind, knowing your RV trailer is parked in a safe and secure site, listen to great music if you’re in the mood for it or explore surrounding woods if you want to spend quiet moments with your loved one.

Dining in Style

Decorating a home can be a daunting task since everyone wants to have a stylish, comfortable home, but it is not always clear what pieces work best where. There are so many options out there for home furnishings that the choices seem to be endless, making the process even harder. Selections have to be made about what style is wanted, the era of the furniture, where it should be placed and coupled with, the list goes on and on. While it may be overwhelming at times, decorating a home can be a very enjoyable process as well, allowing people to unleash a bit of their creative side in tailoring the inside of their home to accurately reflect their personal style and taste. There are many aspects of home decor that must be considered, one of them that takes quite a bit of consideration are dining chairs.

There many styles of chairs that depend very much on the specific style goals of the individuals who are decorating the home. Among the broad array of designs there are a few that stand out as classic favorites. The most well known style of dining chair is the Queen Anne. This design is based on the eighteenth century style of chairs, sporting a shaped crest rail at the top of the chair’s back and featuring a center back support. While this is the basic construction of the Queen Anne style, there are variations in wood, specific design and upholstery. The backs of these chairs can be anything from the classic, simple urn-shaped back support to a more ornate shield back support. The type of wood and upholstery used for the chair should be the right color and material to match the rest of the dining room set.

Another popular design for dining chairs is the Windsor. This type of chair is characterized by having thin legs, spokes along the back of the chair, and either a bow or hoop back. This design hails from an early English style yet its simplicity and classic look makes it the perfect addition to any home. Windsor chairs are best suited for less formal dining situations and serve better for the day to day dining needs of individuals. Regency style chairs came about in the nineteenth century and is characterized by having a squared top, scroll back, and saber legs. This stylish design works well in formal as well as informal dining settings and can be found in a variety of different kinds of wood and upholstery, depending on personal taste.

The mid-century style of chair originated in the 1950s, hence its name, and was designed for the new, modern style of homes at the time. Certain changes to the original model have brought this kind of chair into the twenty-first century, making it a great part of a stylish dining set. For individuals looking for a more retro look will be quite pleased with the original mid-century design. Chippendale dining chairs are another popular item. They are recognizable for their ornate back supports and often include ball-and-claw feet. These are definitely for a more formal setting due to the intricate design of the chairs and the beautiful wood that they are typically made of. Choosing any one of these lovely designs ensures that anyone’s home will have beautiful, classic furniture for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Diamond Resorts Destinations – Where to Spend Your Points?

With the timeshare points market in the way it is, there has never been a better time to pick up some Diamond Resorts Points, a unique timeshare points system which encourages you to exchange any DRI points collected for high quality holidays the world over. Seeing as some points are going as cheap as a 1p each the time has never seemed better – you just have the fun part of deciding where to go.

The Alpine Club

There are few destinations that can provide a better way to investigate the alpine surroundings of Austria than from The Alpine Club. As you as you arrive you will see that this club is as prestigious as it is aptly named, including, as standard the outstanding quality facilities which are synonymous with DRI Points.

With a full view of Schladming, the Alpine Club is placed within touching distance of the sought after Planai downhill ski course. With Schladming being a ski resort itself, having, hosted in the past major skiing competitions and, in 2013 is set to hold the Skiing World Championships. Being so well located in the centre of this hub of winter sports, the Diamond Resorts Alpine Club in Austria caters for the champion skier, the cautious novice or aspiring snowboarder.

During the warmer months the Alpes Change their colours slightly, replacing the snow-capped slopes with vibrant greens and luscious wild flowers. Whilst skiing and winter sports die down during the warmer months the focal point rapidly changes to hiking and mountain biking, seeing Schladming hosting the UCI world cup in 2013. So for those looking to spend their Diamond Resorts points, the Alpine Club is set wonderfully for those seeking luxury whilst hitting the slopes and track of the breath taking Alpine scenery.

Royal Regency

But if you are looking to use for your DRI Points in a city thought of with more conventional class, the perhaps the Royal Regency Resort Paris is for you. Ideally positions in Vincennes on the residential outskirts of Paris, the Royal Regency gives you easy access the enchanting centre of the city or within a short distance of DisneyLand Paris, perfect for romantic vacations or family getaways.

The Royal Regency is lined with gardens and benefits from spec-built interiors and feature packed rooms. So if you decide to use timeshare points in a family holiday you get all you need to keep the children entertained or, if you prefer to absorb the magic of the local atmosphere with a loved one, Diamond Points can act as a perfect offering for a Diamond wedding anniversary.

Sunset Harbour Club

Tenerife is the most popular of the Canary Islands watching 10 million sun-seeking visitors touching down on the island’s shores each year. Sunset Harbour is Diamond Resort’s crown jewel on the island, set just a few minuets stroll from the nightlife, cafés, bars and shops of Playa de las Americas the South West side of the island.

The biggest feature of the Sunset Harbour Club is its proximity next to the beach; flopping out of bed into a sun lounger is a great passtime. But the beach is not the only thing the club has to offer, there is, as you’d assume, a glorious outdoor pool and a whole range of water sports and activities all within easy reach. Add this onto the live entertainment venues, clubs, pubs and cafes you will never be left wanting for things to do in the evenings.

So there is just a taste of the Diamond Resorts where you can make use of your DRI Points, the important point is to use your allocation of points cleverly so you can benefit from the holiday of your dreams. One thing to keep in mind, if you are looking to authorised brokers selling Diamond resorts points, be aware of the maintenance fees which you will also have to pay ontop of the listed price of the points. The maintenance fees have to be paid every year while you own your points. If you are in search of great value luxury holidays and feel you can afford the fees, this is one of the best timeshare points schemes to buy into.