Regency Style

The Prince Regent

Prince George, later George IV, had a predilection for opulence and extravagance and his palaces and fashions reflected this. He spent vast sums of money on lavish interiors, commissioning work from the major painters, architects, designers and interior decorators of the day.

The taste of Prince Regent helped to establish the style of Regency Classicism as we know it today. Evolving from Neo-Classicism, Regency takes its influence from classical Rome, Greece and Egypt, but with greater accuracy and understanding of the ancient empires. It is also inspired by the French Empire style as well as the revival of other French favourites such as Rococo.


Regency styling and architecture is seen most notably in London in John Nash’s work in Regent’s Street, Regent’s Park and his Versailles inspired, Buckingham Palace. Regency architecture is characterised by white stucco facades, columned entrances with black front door, bow windows and cast iron balustraded balconies. The sweeping grandeur and elegance of the style is seen in crescents and terraces in Brighton, Hove and Cheltenham as well as Pimlico and Mayfair. The work of architects Sir John Soane (the Bank of England), Decimus Burton (Royal Botanic Gardens, London Zoo) and Benjamin Wyatt (Apsley House, London) are also prestigious buildings and public places of the Regency period.

Egypt, Greece & Rome

The Regency style in interior design is now summed up by ‘elegant furniture and striped wallpaper’. The striped wallpaper is said to be based on Egyptian reeds, Egyptian tastes being very much in vogue at the time thanks to Napoleon’s campaign and the archaeology and discoveries made there. Other major influences include Ancient Greece and the architecture of imperial Rome. Designers would incorporate Greek forms such as shields or the flower-like anthemion into the designs of chair backs or music stands. Imperial Rome inspired heavy, substantial furniture, lightened by more delicate motifs and ideas from sculpture. The use of scrolling leaves and flower heads can be found in chair back and leg designs and drapery found in Roman statues was imitated in everything from marble carving to wallpaper designs.

Classical friezes were also popular and a dramatisation of a Greek tragedy would be featured on buildings as well as everyday objects and wallpaper borders. The revival of Rococo, a style seen in the first half of the previous century brought back curved forms, rocks and shells. Naturalism also found its place in the 1830s in brightly coloured ceramics – teapots designed to look like seashells and bulrushes and vases painted with flowers with handles modelled in naturalistic branches.


Thomas Hope the furniture designer was one of the period’s major influences on interior design. He was the first to propose that an interior should be ‘stylistically harmonious’ with the rest of the building. Interestingly, this was the beginning of when furniture was left in situ, as opposed to being pushed to the walls at the end of the day. Layout of furniture was symmetrical giving a balanced feel to the room. Furniture took classical forms such as the Grecian sofas, which resemble a scroll. Other features included sabre legs, rope back chairs, X-shaped legs and round tables. Convex and concave looking glasses were also fashionable. Exotic woods such as zebrawood and rosewood were used and brass inlay embellished the piece.

Windows and walls

Window treatments were either plain muslin or elaborate swags and tails with fringes, cords and tassels galore. And walls were painted in deep reds, browns, blues, yellow, lilac and acid green. Paint effects were also fashionable such as simulated marble and wood. Classical friezes and drapery were also seen in wallpaper design.

There are no rules in Interior Decorating that say the new and the old cannot be combined into a unified whole. No room should suffer from the misconception that everything in it should be the same style, period, and color or fabric type. When you decorate a room in this way, it may be technically perfect, but it will also be extremely boring. In order to give you room the style and pizzazz that it needs to be interesting and unique, you have to interject a few surprises; that will create a room that says, “Sit up and take notice of me!”

Don’t Be Boring! Spice it Up!

Any decorating style can benefit by the inclusion of even one piece or accessory that is totally different and out of the ordinary. A completely modern, sleek and neutral decorating scheme can achieve a whole new level of appeal with the addition of a single bright focal point. Try an elaborately carved red lacquer oriental chest; now that adds a serious “wow factor!” Or for another example, let’s say you have a room full of antiques. It could be Victorian, Regency or anything that is very old. If you insert into the room, a modern art sculpture placed atop an antique table; you now have a focus that draws the eye and makes the viewer want to know what else they can discover, if they just look a little farther.

Recycle For Something New.

Never throw out Grandma’s old telephone table. Give it a coat of shiny enamel in a bright and cheery color. Then place it in the entry hall under a mirror with a potted orchid to accent. Those heavy old suitcases from the days before they were all made of cloth and plastic make great eye catching accents. A graduated stack of them by a comfy armchair makes a fabulous side table. They look fabulous old and distressed, but if you like a little color, they can be spray painted.


If you have an old fireplace in your living room (here you would probably live in an old house), and it doesn’t work any longer. It certainly doesn’t fit your more contemporary style. There are several solutions to bring the old fireplace into the new room without a major construction project. Tile it with glass tiles, a mosaic of broken mirror pieces, or even shells; just whatever appeals to you that is decorative. Paint the firebox black, put a mirror in the back (you will most likely have to get one custom cut); then add a candle tree or various height chunky candles in front of the mirror. It’s almost like having the fireplace work, but without the heat. The mirror behind the candles will throw off beautiful reflections of the flames.

There is no doubt that the new and the old can be married in any room. This marriage makes a statement about your style and the value you place on the past and present.

Kansas – Cheapest Attractions

Kansas is located in the heart of Florida, it is also known as Sun City due to hot climate. What are the things you can enjoy in Kansas when you have no money or little?

Lovewell state Park

Lovewell reservoir in north central Kansas is known for its walleye fishing, but the state park is also is destination for hikers, campers and natural lovers. Walleye are pursued from spring through fall here. Fishing for white bass, channel catfish and flathead catfish is also good. Biking is permitted on all roads. Mounts of native species are displayed in the interpretive center, and a wildlife habitat overlook offers a place to watch for wild turkeys, deer, raccoons, cranes and geese. Hunting is permitted in the wildlife area adjacent to the park. The park has full-service and primitive camping and camping cabins, a swimming area and a marina that is open seasonally.

Fort Scott National Historic site

This park is also an exhibition centre and it would be shame to miss those restored frontier exhibit which was important in the civil war and the Indian wars because of its laziness. In the visitor center there is an excellent overview of historical setting in which Ft. Scott developed and grew as a station on the ever expanding American frontier. When visitor leave the centre they may stroll around the interior with its restored barracks, stables and officers quarters etc.

Fort is easily accessible since it is in the centre of the town of the ft.Scott, even there is no entry fee but you need to browse through the shop in the visitor area for quality books and souvenirs.

Wonder scope children’s museum

Wonder scope has just acquired Melvin Cohen elephant collection. Melvin began the collection in 1945, and consists of more than 2800 elephants of all shapes and sizes. It takes dollar 6 per child 3 years to 63 years, 5 dollar to senior citizen 64 year and above 3 dollar for 1 and 2 year old kids. Infants are complimentary membership option are available. They include unlimited visits for the family and grand parents-grand child grouping.

Best Western Premier Holiday Regency in Moradabad

Moradabad is a very booming place in Uttar Pradesh. This is a very important commercial town in the whole of India. This is, in fact, the largest copper producing town in Asia, and they belong to the top five copper stuff export centers of the world. They are also known for alloy production. It is reputed for its subtle production of copper. Their bronze works are exported not just in Asia but all over a hundred countries worldwide. They are sometimes called as the Peetal Nagari (the Coppers Town). This place has been known by many people as the ‘Brass City’ due to its specialty on many things. Indeed, they are experts in metal, wood and glass works.

Moradabad is specializing in exporting these metal works. It is their top earning industry that contributes highly to their recent developments. Business here is booming, and what follows is a stream of curious people who wish to see this city. Moradabad has many hotels to accommodate their visitors. Here are some of the recommended hotels to stay in this blooming city.

The Best Western Premier Holiday Regency

The hotel is located at the Delhi Road, Moradabad, India. This is a hundred miles away from the capital of India, northeast of Delhi. This is classified as five stars. This hotel has a total of 74 rooms with complete amenities of a satellite TV or cable.

The lobby immediately induces a homey feeling upon entering. The spacious area is adorned with modern and elegant furnishings. The classic mix of lighting adds to the warm and cozy ambiance. The interior decors stand out as the guests walk along the hallways.

They also have an on site restaurant serving delectable and varied cuisines. Their health club and gym are free to use, compliments of the hotel. Visitors can access it any time they wish. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, and barbecuing is allowed on the side. This is good for those who feel like having an impromptu barbecue and swimming party. The hotel will only allow a small gathering though. The hotel provides well for your business needs too. They have banquet halls, meeting places like meeting halls and lawns. This is located at the national highway. This is a major hub that connects to other cities nearby.

The attractions present near the hotel are the Moradabad City Center, Rampur Historical Town, Handicrafts SEZ, Jim Corbett Wild Park and Nainital Hill Town and Lake. The two listed above are nearby cities with great places to visit. They range from 10 km to 35 km. the last three are located within the city.

The hotel is quite far from the airport, but is near the bus and train stations. Rest assured that the long travel will be worth it once you experience the luxurious services of the hotel. This hotel features a front desk available for 24 hours, bar, elevators, minibar, spa, tennis court, baby sitting, beauty salon, coffee maker, complimentary newspaper, meeting facilities, modem jack, room service, and shopping center.

Best Western Premier Holiday Regency is just one of the hotels that you can find in Moradabad. There are many other hotels in this place. If you search online you can find some. But it is better if you look for a travel agency to make all the preparations for you. There are a lot of them available everywhere.