Create Warmth, Elegance And Style With Regency Wood Stoves

Regency has been the leader in wood stoves, inserts and other hearth products for a long time. They design and market their own products which are manufactured in North America. What makes them very popular in this industry is the fact they only use the finest materials in the manufacturing of their stoves. This ensures that every product sold is efficient, safe and high quality.

There are many advantages to having a wood stove as main heat source or at least as a supplemental heater at home. It also provides that known feeling of warmth and comfort of a real fire. The fuel is economical and ecological, which is a big relief, for those who feel burdened with the hike in oil and gas prices. Though electricity is also used as a heating source, it is one of the most expensive ways to heat a home. Furthermore, wood stoves do not depend on electric power to function so there is no loss of heat should a power failure occur.

When you hear the words wood stove, do you imagine a pot-belly stove and huge black pipe reminiscent of a different era? It’s time you change your view. Today, wood stoves are not only used for heating but are also an integral part of the interior home design. They are made from steel, cast-iron, or sometimes soapstone. With Regency Wood Stoves, you get a classic styled stove with a classy appeal, that will heat your home safely with clean burning, efficient heat.

Regency Wood Stoves come in a variety of looks and designs that have wide appeal. They are also EPA certified, which assures you that the product is environmentally friendly and will provide a clean burn. As with many other wood burning stoves your purchase is eligible for a tax credit on US income tax returns. The stoves have a contemporary look and style, that almost immediately shifts the focus to the brilliantly glowing fire. They also provide a greater flame viewing area, than traditional stoves.

Regency stoves have a handy firewood storage area at the base, which offers an added convenience. A single load of wood provides warmth for approximately 8 hours and you can adjust the heat easily by using the simple draft rod. The stoves usually have a temperature sensitive blower, which turns on and off automatically. Most of the models are designed for dual-burn, which ensures longer and more complete burns. Ceramic glass is used to radiate heat providing maximum warmth. The exterior of the stoves are usually made of durable cast iron, which not only looks beautiful but also increases the radiance of heat. Apart from all these features, stoves manufactured by Regency have efficient air wash systems, that keep the glass clean.

With people becoming more and more conscious about preserving the environment, wood burning stoves are ideal for heating homes without using fuels like oil and gas that emit huge amounts of harmful carbon dioxide gases. So, investing in a Regency Wood Stove not only provides immediate benefits today, but also for future generations. Regency is so certain about the quality and efficiency of their products, that every product is backed by a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

So,bring home a Regency Wood Stove to make your home warm and welcoming, while knowing that you’re doing your part to keep our environment clean.

Spectacular 5 Star Deluxe Hotels in New Delhi

Hotel The Oberoi Delhi

As the name speaks itself it lives unto the standard of Oberio Group of Hotel. This chain has a name in five star deluxe hotels. Its rooms are extremely big and airy, well furnished, all the required amenities for discriminating business travelers and for vacation travelers alike. All the rooms are provided with the most excellent of the services at a best of the prices.

Hyatt Regency Delhi

Hotel has a total number of 508 rooms that have been categorized into Presidential suites, Business class suites, Regency super luxury suites and suites offering a verandah, the Pool-facing rooms and the Hyatt visitor rooms as well as the Regency society rooms. All the rooms and the suites in the hotel give total solitude to the visitors.

Ashok Delhi

Hotel Ashok have good 550 rooms and suites that have been divided into the Natraj Suite, the Rajput Suite, Kashmir Suite, and the best presidential Suite. The majority of the rooms and the suites in the hotel have their independent balconies to take pleasure in a relaxing cup of coffee while benefit from the vast and mesmerizing garden that is stretch around the hotel. All the luxury suites are matchless for elegance and fashion, each with independently planned interiors.

Hotel Maurya Sheraton Delhi

Hotel Maurya Sheraton with 515 rooms in the hotel comprises of 44 suites, 76 elite One rooms, 107 tower room, and 107 superior club rooms. Every room that is provided by the hotel have an exceptional dissimilarity of being provided with the most excellent of the amenities in the hotel.

Hotel Le Meridien Delhi

The beautiful hotel le Meridien has a total of 355 rooms that have been planned and furnished with the finest of the services and the luxury at the best to give you your money’s worth. The rooms also consist of 7 attractively adorned designer suites, 54 exclusive Club President rooms and 44 well-furnished luxury suites. The view from all the rooms is very magnificent and provides an outstanding sight of the city all over.

Radisson Delhi

Hotel Radisson has in all 256 rooms and suites that also contain 27 presidential suites. There is a fashionable and elite Plaza Club floor with a Club Lounge. All the rooms are extraordinarily roomy and are beautifully designed with richest of silky upholstery and linen, in classic coordinated color amalgamation.

Taj Palace Delhi

Hotel Taj Palace as the name suggests is one of the hotels of the renowned Taj group and stands by its name. It has 421 tastefully decorated rooms and suites that also include luxury rooms, better-quality rooms, Taj Club Rooms and different selection of suites. All these rooms have one thing same and that is that these suites and rooms have been planned with the most excellent of the facilities and conveniences.

My Trip To Lassco, The UKs Primary Antique, Salvage and Curiosities Resource

Lassco at Brunswick House, purveyor of reclamation, ornament and curiosities, is housed in a Georgian mansion by Vauxhall Cross in London. It’s in the midst of two fast lanes of traffic’ back and front, and sits on the St George’s Wharf development, which dwarfs it. Against a real backdrop of modernity and fast track activity the magnificent double fronted house certainly stands out. It has a stature and pride reflective of the time in which it was built and I’ve often whizzed past it in a car and made a note to visit.

So, last week that’s precisely what I did and what I stumbled upon was a charming treasure trove. You will find architectural pieces from columns to chimney pieces, furniture, flooring, and lighting. There’s even old street signs and clothes (bought from the English National Opera). You name it and it’s here. The stock spans the time from Georgian through to the 1960s.

I asked Director Ferrous Auger what was the real key difference between Lassco and an antiques dealer and he stated that he simply doesn’t like the classification pertaining to an antique, i.e that an item has to be over 100 years old. If something is re-sellable and stylish then Lassco will have it. Because of this Georgian hob grates nestle amongst English National Opera cast offs and 1960s wooden toys. They also sell almost all of their stock in the condition they found it with only a number of pieces having been restored where it will significantly improve the chances of a sale or the value of the piece. Lassco get the majority of their stock from private sales, just people selling stuff’ however they will also get contacted by museums or institutions that will be changing interiors with stuff they need to get rid of.

In Auger’s expert opinion, the market for architectural salvage, or particularly well-made furniture is growing, ‘possibly because people are encouraged by the fact an item has lasted for so long. It’s also because people are realising they can pick up well-made Georgian furniture for a fraction of what you’d probably be purchasing new’ says Auger.

Rooms in Lassco are hired out for personal functions and I can imagine would make a charming ‘Jane Austen meets Austen Powers style’ venue for a dinner party.

There’s also a fabulously eclectic cafe restaurant furnished with an range of lights and furniture which are on sale. So you may only pop in for a cafe latte and emerge, having fallen deeply in love with the seat that you were sat on, with a fine Regency chaise tucked below your arm. A stroke of genius from the owners of Lassco.

Enjoy Your Stay in London With the Best Hotels in London

London occupies the largest part of Britain. As the capital city, it has lots of attractions. It is considered to be one of the most financially strong cities in the world. The most important hotspots found in London include Tower of London, Palace of Westminister, Royal Botanic Gardens, etc. With all these attractions, the city is bound to be the centre of attraction for tourists. There are many popular hotels in London. These hotels can make your stay in London to be much more pleasant. Let us take a look at some of those hotels.

Blakemore hotel is one of the best in London. It is surrounded by tourist spots and hence it will be easy to navigate through the hotspots in London. The hotel features lots of other facilities like free wi-fi connectivity, non-smoking environment, etc.

Sanderson hotel is probably the most attractive hotel found in London. Its serene beauty will make you stay at the hotel for the rest of your time in London. The interiors of the hotel are designed by Phillipe Starck. Hence you will definitely find the hotel attractive.

Town Hall hotel has become quite popular in the eastern London. This hotel is designed with luxury as the main goal. Its luxury can be felt in each and every apartment within the hotel. The most important thing about staying in Town Hall hotel is its food. The hotel’s chief cook is Nuno Mendes who is well known for his Portuguese style of cooking.

St. Martins Lane hotel is a popular hotel located in the western part of London. The interior design of this hotel was made by Phillipe Starck and so the looks of the hotel are spectacular. If you are to stay at this hotel, you are sure to find comfort. This particular hotel offers several services to its customers. The most important one being entertainment. It features satellite TVs, DVD players, a digital library of DVDs, etc.

Hyatt Regency is a fine hotel that resides in central part of London. The hotel is 5-star rated and as a customer you can enjoy lots of facilities. You have access to Hyatt Regency club and you can have a taste of the special type of mouth watering food that they cook. It has special accommodations for VIPs. The most important thing here is that there is a tennis court.

The Hempel hotel is probably the best hotel known for its elegance. It is the only shrine to the Zen minimalism. There have been some modifications but the elegance of the olden shrine still remains. Inside the rooms, everything has been set in its perfect place. In Hempel hotel, you will the happiest moments of your life.

Dorset Square is an exclusive English style hotel. This hotel features a garden with lots of trees. It is said that this garden was once a cricket ground. It is located in the central part of London and is close to the city’s business centre. So this seems to be the apt hotel for business people.

Featuring all these hotels, London is one good place to visit. Staying in London hotels can turn out to be a wonderful mind-blowing experience.