Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas For Married Couples

Money should never be in the way of true love and if taking a vacation is part of strengthening marital bonds between you and your spouse then so be it: there are many ways to enjoy a splendid vacation with your loved one without denting your pockets too much.

Be a WWOOF Volunteer

But they’re mostly called “wwoofers”. WWOOF is short for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and the organization offers interested volunteers an opportunity to enjoy a unique but incredibly fulfilling outdoor experience while exercising their commitment to organic living.

At most, you’ll only have to worry about the fares for reaching your organization-provided location and, of course, pocket money. But once you get there, everything else will be taken care of in exchange for approximately four hours of daily work. The kind of work you’ll be expected to do will vary, but it will certainly have to do something with organic living. Food and boarding will be provided by the farm where you’re staying. After the requisite work hours, you and your spouse are free to explore the countryside.

It may be a different vacation from what you’ve envisioned, but if both of you have a genuine love for outdoors and organic living then there’s nothing to complain about. The work is something you could even fully embrace and may also serve as an opportunity for both of you to know more of each other.

Train Tours

Instead of paying separately for your fare and accommodation, your pass will be all-inclusive since you’ll be sleeping in the very place that will take you to your destination. Trains may be a throwback to the old days, but it can still be a very luxurious and pleasing mode of travel. Trains allow you to travel at just the right speed: fast enough that it won’t feel like you’ve taken forever just to reach your destination but slow enough for you to appreciate the scenery outside your windows.

If you have a love for history and antique arts and designs then you’ll no doubt appreciate the often Victorian or Regency interior of trains. Train tours can be utterly decadent as you simply lounge around in your coach or enjoy the sumptuous banquets and dance parties often prepared for this type of vacation. But if you’re in the mood for some excitement, there are also murder mystery tours which you can book. You and your spouse – along with other guests – will have to determine the identity of the “murderer” before one of you becomes his next victim!

Home Exchange Programs

Swapping homes has become increasingly popular as more and more people realize that it’s not as unsafe as it seems. It just depends on which home exchange program you’re using. For starters, you should thoroughly review the program you’d like to join. Read on testimonials from its members and reviews from trustworthy websites.

Once you’ve chosen which program to join, the next thing you should do is to concentrate on selling not just your home but the experience that goes with it. Post the best shots of your home as well as a vivid and entertaining description of the kind of life they can expect while in your hometown or neighborhood. If you’re living in New York then talk about how great it is to live in a city that never sleeps. If you live in a rural town of Colorado, talk about how pleasing it is to wake up to spectacular scenery and the scent of mountains wafting inside your cabin.

Make sure you also clearly illustrate what kind of exchange you’re after. Are you interested in living in a particular country or experiencing a particular lifestyle? There have been cases in which owners of a modern-day mansion have swapped with owners of a rustic cottage in the country. It’s all about finding the ideal match, really, and not how much one and the other costs.

Attend a Music Festival

RV camping is nice, but it can be dangerous and/or boring if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. Why not settle for the next best thing by attending a music festival? Most parks serve as venue for several of them each year and if you buy an all-weekend pass for the festival, you could enjoy a discount on campsite rates. By attending music festivals, you get to enjoy peace of mind, knowing your RV trailer is parked in a safe and secure site, listen to great music if you’re in the mood for it or explore surrounding woods if you want to spend quiet moments with your loved one.