Kansas – Cheapest Attractions

Kansas is located in the heart of Florida, it is also known as Sun City due to hot climate. What are the things you can enjoy in Kansas when you have no money or little?

Lovewell state Park

Lovewell reservoir in north central Kansas is known for its walleye fishing, but the state park is also is destination for hikers, campers and natural lovers. Walleye are pursued from spring through fall here. Fishing for white bass, channel catfish and flathead catfish is also good. Biking is permitted on all roads. Mounts of native species are displayed in the interpretive center, and a wildlife habitat overlook offers a place to watch for wild turkeys, deer, raccoons, cranes and geese. Hunting is permitted in the wildlife area adjacent to the park. The park has full-service and primitive camping and camping cabins, a swimming area and a marina that is open seasonally.

Fort Scott National Historic site

This park is also an exhibition centre and it would be shame to miss those restored frontier exhibit which was important in the civil war and the Indian wars because of its laziness. In the visitor center there is an excellent overview of historical setting in which Ft. Scott developed and grew as a station on the ever expanding American frontier. When visitor leave the centre they may stroll around the interior with its restored barracks, stables and officers quarters etc.

Fort is easily accessible since it is in the centre of the town of the ft.Scott, even there is no entry fee but you need to browse through the shop in the visitor area for quality books and souvenirs.

Wonder scope children’s museum

Wonder scope has just acquired Melvin Cohen elephant collection. Melvin began the collection in 1945, and consists of more than 2800 elephants of all shapes and sizes. It takes dollar 6 per child 3 years to 63 years, 5 dollar to senior citizen 64 year and above 3 dollar for 1 and 2 year old kids. Infants are complimentary membership option are available. They include unlimited visits for the family and grand parents-grand child grouping.